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There’s a reason why so many of the teachers and support staff at All Saints have celebrated service records of more than 30 years. It’s because the school is one of those rare places where people build genuinely joyous and fulfilling careers.

“Passionate and aspirational teachers are key. They are the lifeblood of any school, from which flows that sense of achievement and wellbeing that will make of their students lifelong learners. ”
— Sue Daly, Chief of Staff

Staff Culture

Members of All Saints staff are expected to:

  • Stay open to the opportunities for learning and teaching that each day presents
  • Search for goodness in every member of the School community 
  • Act with honesty, integrity and compassion 
  • Treat every person as brimming with potential in mind, body and spirit 
  • Notice those in need and offer help when they can 
  • Prepare diligently, teach enthusiastically and assess responsibly 
  • Accept that the possibility for improvement in their performance always exists 
  • Use their authority as a teacher wisely and with humility 
  • Contribute positively and in a variety of ways to the life of the All Saints community 
  • Play their part in the fostering of a spirit of teamwork and fellowship among the staff and students of All Saints 
  • Look for ways in which they can contribute to the spiritual life of the School community 
  • Keep alive their sense of life′s awe, mystery and wonder.

Student Protection

Ƶ Supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to ensure their safety, welfare and wellbeing. All candidates are required to undergo a pre-employment screening process prior to appointment and successful candidates are required to comply with all policies and legislation relating to student protection. 

Employment at the school is subject to the following requirements prior to commencement:

All non-teaching staff employed at All Saints must hold a positive notice blue card for child related employment in accordance with the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 and related school policies.

All teaching staff must be currently registered or be eligible for Teacher Registration with the Queensland College of Teachers.

If you require further information about working at All Saints, please contact our Human Resources Manager Hayley Devereux at employment@asas.qld.edu.au.

Employment Opportunities

Current vacancy applications and expressions of interest, including interest for supply teaching, can be submitted via the link below.


Ƶ is an equal employment opportunity employer. All personal information will be handled in accordance with the school's Privacy Policy.