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Don't hear it from us. See what our alumni and parents have to say about their All Saints experience.

“All Saints served as an extraordinary place to explore and cultivate my passions. I’m indebted to the wonderful people there for helping me grow.”
— Jesse Adler | iPhone Program Manager, Apple
“I would recommend All Saints to other parents for all the reasons that we were attracted to the school. It’s a very inclusive community comprised of great people, plus the children are very encouraged to form strong bonds and strive for success.”
— Steven Ciobo | Former Australian MP
“All Saints isn’t the kind of place where you feel like you are only going to be recognised for succeeding in one discipline or another. It was the greatest gift to study there.”
— Adele Parkinson | Theatre and Film Actor
“If I am to summarise what I took away from All Saints, it’s a school where you are inspired to be fearless. There is so much to be learned from that.”
— Alex Fitzgerald | Acquisitions Manager, JLF
“All Saints let me be myself and I think if I didn’t have that, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. When the school realised I was serious about dance and a career in the arts, everyone was extremely supportive.”
— Aaron Smyth | International Dancer and Creator
“At All Saints I had a really awesome support network of teachers who helped me, and then also a great group of friends who supported me in any way that I needed.”
— Tom Hauck | Swimmer