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Our days are filled with exciting stories to tell. Here are a few we'd like to share.

Godly Moment 1
02 Feb 2024

Uniquely Us: The All Saints Approach to Connecting with Faith

School Chaplain Mother Ann McGuinness Believes that as humanity evolves, so too naturally does its...

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U16 GC Tas23 MR040554132
10 Oct 2023

The AFL All Australians of All Saints

In addition to each achieving success through the Gold Coast SUNS Academy over the past few years, at...

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Eisteddfod T3 W7 23 12
01 Oct 2023

Sweeping the Field at Eisteddfod 2023

For the first time, the school took home the Best Overall School title in the Choirs...

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DNK Cup GT Trophy 2023 8
14 Sept 2023

Alumni Sports Stars Welcomed Home for DNK Cup and GT Trophy

The DNK Cup celebrates rugby while the GT Trophy celebrates netball, and both competitions are named...

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Livewire 1
04 Sept 2023

Livewire returns

The week-long festival celebrating literature, arts, music, sport, science and more made its...

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Ƶ 2023 11
18 Aug 2023

Ƶ 2023 inspires all ages in the classroom

National Ƶ is always a very special time at All Saints where students are inspired to dig...

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Rainbow Ƶ Juniors 2023 51
15 Aug 2023

Running for charity in the Rainbow Ƶ

Once white shirts were bombarded with colour as Junior School students navigated their way...

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Theatrefest SS 2023 75 Large
02 Aug 2023

Theatrefest 2023 lauded by former Ten Tenor, special guest judge

A total of 11 talented Middle School students and 14 Senior School students participated in this...

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Year 11 12 Philosothon 2023 15 2
01 Aug 2023

Learning the Art of Reason at Philosothon 2023

All Saints Year 11 and 12 students of Philosophy and Reason came together at the Philosothon for...

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20230628 092217000 i OS
07 July 2023

Performing Arts Tour becomes 'such stuff as dreams are made on'

Admiring renaissance venues such as Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theatre, touring his birthplace in...

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Foundation Day Assembly 2023 16
20 June 2023

Celebrating Foundation Day in the year of ‘truth’

Foundation Day celebrations in 2023 were marked by a special whole-school assembly which featured the...

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Legally Blonde 2023 Musical 13
15 May 2023

Three cheers for Legally Blonde

The All Saints community awaited the arrival of its latest school musical with keen...

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Brenda Matthews The Last Daughter Launch 2023 2
26 Apr 2023

The Last Daughter shares her story

When Brenda Matthews was two years old, she and her six siblings were taken from their parents. For...

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Yr 10 Kanagawa Visit 4
03 Apr 2023

Welcoming back Japanese exchange students

All Saints Japanese teacher Ms Hiro Suita smiles as she bids good morning to her first Year 10 class...

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Ross Kingsley Tummiler 2023 5
23 Mar 2023

PE teacher tackles incredible 100-mile race

The marathon expert has helped countless students and staff discover the sport of long-distance...

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Oscar Wang And Lucas Wang Rubiks Cube World Record 3
08 Mar 2023

Wang brothers smash four Guinness World Records

Oscar and Lucas Wang have recently broken a collective four world records in speedcubing; the sport...

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Symonds Family Oval Renaming 2023 2
27 Feb 2023

Honouring the Symonds Family

Earlier this year, the Main Oval was officially renamed The Symonds Family Oval in acknowledgement of...

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Year 9 Camp 2023 Banner 6
15 Feb 2023

Leadership blossoms on Year 9 Camp

The end of Middle School signifies a very special time for All Saints students. In Year 9, students...

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Kevin Briggs Boney M 2023 5
14 Feb 2023

Mr Briggs takes to the stage with disco royalty Boney M

Mr Briggs still regularly works as both a touring and session musician for various popular artists...

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Yr 4 New Friends Day 2023 9
09 Feb 2023

Year 4 welcomes new friends

At All Saints, Pre Prep Year 4, Year 7 and Year 10 are the intake year levels where large groups of...

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Rap Launch 2023 7
01 Feb 2023

All Saints Launches Reconciliation Action Plan

First Nations topics including The Dreaming, the stolen generation, Mabo, connection to Country and...

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Shrek Jr
15 Nov 2022

A big green bravo to Shrek Jr

Students are reeling with delight from their experience, prompting performing arts staff to look to...

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Year 7 Indigenous Science Unit 6
14 Sept 2022

Year 7 Scientists Embrace Ancient Techniques

In Term 3, All Saints' Year 7 students built on their knowledge and understanding of what force...

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Fair Hero Image
21 Aug 2022

All Saints Fair Day Fun

An overflowing carpark, sold-out stalls, shelves at local supermarkets picked clean of hotdogs and...

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Allen Qiu 2
10 Aug 2022

Allen Qiu's eye in the sky

Allen Qiu first discovered the art of photography and filmography in his home city of Hangzhou,...

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Shindig 2022 7
10 Aug 2022

2022 Shindig Film Festival Winners Celebrated

What once began as home movies, comedy spoofs and amateur shorts in the Nairn Theatre has grown to...

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Bigtime 2022 23
25 July 2022

Bigtime: Middle School's larger than life musical

The biennial Middle School musical Bigtime was conceived by a student crew and cast who were directed...

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Amy Fogarty
25 July 2022

Year 12's Amy Fogarty wins prestigious culinary award

All Saints’ own celebrity cook Amy Fogarty has been recognised at the state level for her exceptional...

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Debating Grand Final 5 2021
20 Oct 2021

All Saints wins Gold Coast Debating grand final

More than 40 All Saints students across 10 teams participated in four different divisions of the Gold...

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Giveathon 9 2021
16 Sept 2021

A Giveathon to remember

In the past, Giveathon Day has run concurrently with All Saints Foundation Day. On 16 September...

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Stp 8 2021
01 Sept 2021

Stairway to Paradise: It's been All Saints-ed!

Friends of Music coordinator Craig Duggan hit the mark during his closing speech by declaring the...

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At The Heart Of All Saints 1 2022
12 Aug 2021

Introducing the Heart Space center for wellbeing

While it’s always the first priority of an All Saints teacher to ensure this wellbeing, from time to...

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C4 U Header 2022
10 Aug 2021

Crazy For You: Who could ask for anything more?

A grand setting, a fearless cast and crew, professional guidance, an army of selfless volunteers and,...

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Lincoln Lewis 2 2022
08 June 2021

Lincoln Lewis inspires next generation at All Saints

Fame and fortune may come and go, but resilience is the true star power – or so Lincoln Lewis...

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Ih And Mac Blessing 5 2021
21 May 2021

A grand opening: Harmony House and the McIntosh Administration Centre

The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall, the Archbishop of Brisbane, officiated the blessing of the...

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Da Vinci Decathlon 2021
15 May 2021

All Saints Juniors win Da Vinci Decathlon

Although the Year 5 team didn’t take out the top gong, they did perform extremely well, winning the...

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5 13 21 Surfs Up Gallery 7
11 May 2020

Surf's Up for Albatross Nippers

Out in the sun, surf and sand, Nippers is where many of us learn about ocean safety and beach fitness...

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Showing Our Place In Country 2
04 May 2020

Showing 'Our Place In Country'

All Saints recently engaged local artist Narelle Urquhart to create a visual representation of 'our...

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Oscar Winner Shares Film Wisdom 2
06 Apr 2020

Oscar winner Claudio Miranda shares his film wisdom

Acclaimed cinematographer Claudio Miranda led an exclusive workshop for students, detailing some of...

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