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Service Learning

By serving others in our community, our hearts and minds are opened to a meaningful learning experience like no other. This concept is the foundation of the All Saints Service Learning Program. 

What is service learning?

Service learning is a teaching and learning method that connects meaningful community service experiences with academic learning, personal growth and civic responsibility. At All Saints, we believe that reciprocal service experiences within the wider world beyond school provide powerful opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth, while fostering an enriched sense of social responsibility. 

“Service learning is about asking what other people can teach us about resilience, what they can teach us about the meaning of joy and what they can teach us about the simplicity of life... We are not just there to do, we are there to learn.”
— Mother Ann McGuinness

Service learning at All Saints

As per the vision statement for the Anglican Schools in the Diocese of Brisbane, the All Saints Service Learning Program provides opportunities for our students to live the Gospel message. It encourages students to develop new skills and value peace and harmony. It inspires them to seek justice for the poor, powerless, persecuted and marginalized. Service learning is a pedagogy of engagement as much as it is a way of life at All Saints. The program itself is embedded in the academic curriculum from Pre Prep through to Year 12.