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Outdoor education

Young people are growing up in a digitised world, where it is easy to lose touch with the natural wonders around them. Through our outdoor education program, we aim to help them maintain this connection.

Outdoor Education 2022
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About the program

The outdoor education program at All Saints is designed to offer students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of recreational activities and outdoor pursuits. Problem solving in challenging situations, working as a team, acquiring an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and learning new skills offers an important dimension to learning and personal growth in the development of the whole person.

The outdoor education program begins at Year 2 with a ‘fun night’ which includes a disco and outdoor activities at the school. Then in Year 3 students participate in their first sleepover on school grounds. Years 4 to 12 participate in overnight camps in a variety of locations both on the Gold Coast and further afield.