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Host an International Student

Is your family interested in becoming a homestay host?

All Saints is currently seeking homestay families to host international students from the commencement of Term 3. As the beginning of a new academic year for many countries in the Northern hemisphere, Term 3 represents our main intake of international students.

Every year we welcome a diverse group of students participating in our Study Abroad and mainstream school programs. Originating from a variety of countries in South America, Europe and Asia, these students are eager to immerse themselves in our school community and Australian family culture. We are seeking homestay families for short- and long-term arrangements, depending on your family’s availability.

Benefits of hosting

By becoming a homestay family, you play a vital role in providing these students with a welcoming and supportive environment during their time with us. Your hospitality will not only enhance their cultural experience but also foster meaningful connections that can last a lifetime. 

To help compensate the cost of hosting, the school will offer a tax-free homestay allowance of $60 a day, equating up to $1860 per month. 

Beyond financial compensation, we believe hosting an international student will offer many benefits for your family: 

  • Cultural exchange — Facilitating cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Global perspective — Broadening your family’s world view by hearing diverse perspectives on global issues.
  • Educational experience — If you have children, this experience can provide them with a unique educational opportunity to learn about different cultures and viewpoints.
  • Language learning— An opportunity for language exchange and improvement for both the host family and the student.
  • Friendship and lifelong connections — Hosting can create lasting friendships and connections that can span continents and endure a lifetime

Over the years, we've witnessed many All Saints host families create lasting friendships with the students they've welcomed into their homes, with some even travelling to visit their former guests in their own countries.

    Next steps

    If you are interested in becoming a homestay host, complete our and our Homestay Coordinator will contact you. After discussions with our Homestay Coordinator, if you would like to apply to become a homestay host, please complete our full .


    What do I need to provide?

    Your role is to provide a welcoming, safe, supportive, and secure home environment with a bedroom, a study area, three meals a day and transport to and from school each day.

    Will I receive financial compensation?

    Yes. You will receive a tax-free homestay allowance of $60 a day, equating up to $1,860 per month, to cover your student's meals and other homestay expenses. You and your homestay student will also receive support from our school’s international house staff throughout the student’s stay.

    How long is the homestay?

    It is very much dependant on the program they are enrolled in. Homestay arrangements can range from one term through to longer term arrangements, depending on your family’s availability.

    Do I need a Blue Card?

    The safety of our students is our top priority. All homestay hosts will need to have a valid Working with Children Authority Blue Card. The application process includes a police identity and criminal history check. But don’t worry, our school’s coordinator can assist you in applying for the card.

    All family members over 18 residing in the home will also require a blue card.

    Will the school visit my home?

    Yes, to ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with the arrangement, a school representative will visit your home to check in and see how everything is going.

    Do I need to provide spending money?

    No. All the homestay provider is required to pay for is the general shared household expenses, including the student's meals.

    Do I have to do chores for the student?

    Being a homestay provider means that you need to care for the child, so all duties of child care are part of the responsibility. However, by offering your home to an international student you can ask that they will help out with light chores such as keeping their room clean, participating in meal preparation, assisting with or doing their own laundry or helping out in the kitchen.

    Do they require their own room/bathroom?

    Students must have their own bedroom to sleep and study in but can share the household bathroom(s) with the family. Make sure that the student is fully aware of which bathroom they should be using if there is more than one.

    What kind of meals are required?

    Part of your commitment to an international student is providing three nutritious meals every day—breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having access to your kitchen/facilities will be ideal for making snacks and of course they might want to help out in the kitchen cooking for you their special home-country treats.

    Must I do school drop off/pick up?

    You are required to take your student to school and home again on the first day. When they are comfortable travelling to school on their own, and they are 100% confident on the service numbers/names and timetables, they may travel to and from school on their own via local bus service if needed.