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All Saints offers homestay and boarding accommodation options for international students. 

International House

International House comprises two locations on campus - one which caters specifically to younger students in a twin-share living arrangement, the other for our senior students to live in single rooms. 

International students have an extensive network of academic and pastoral care support resources, as well as access to our state-of-the-art gym, indoor heated swimming pool and other sporting facilities. 

Homestay accommodation

International students may choose to live with a local All Saints-registered family. Students who choose the homestay option enjoy an immersive experience with their host families, who usually have students of their own studying at the school.

Homestay families are carefully selected and approved by the School. Students will have their own bedroom including a desk, all meals and daily transport to and from school.

Student Guardian Visa

If you are planning to accompany and live with your son or daughter while they study at our school, you will need to apply for a Student Guardian Visa, which is attached to your son or daughter’s Student Visa.

Please note that if you hold this visa, you must live with your son or daughter whenever they are in Australia.

You must:

  • Stay with them
  • Provide them with appropriate accommodation
  • Support them
  • Provide for their general welfare
  • Advise the School of your travel details when you and your children leave Australia

For more information, please visit the 

Interested in becoming a homestay host?

If you are interested in becoming a homestay host, complete our  and our Homestay Coordinator will contact you. For further information, including frequently asked questions, go visit the Host an International Student page.