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Ƶ Leaders Model

The Ƶ Leaders Trust IMPACT Improvement Model

Our vision and values are delivered through our IMPACT school improvement model:

Inspirational leadership
We are relentless in our quest to remove all barriers to students’ learning. We ensure that the vision and values of our Trust are ‘lived’ by the school community.

Meticulous about outcomes
We focus on improving a wide range of academic and social outcomes. We ensure no stone is left unturned in our quest for all students to progress from our Trust with the appropriate qualifications and interpersonal skills they need to have a successful future.

Positive attitudes to learning
Our academies create a culture where success is celebrated, and students want to attend and give their best in every lesson. We also celebrate achievements outside of the core school day.

Accountability and compliance
We embrace our accountability. We acknowledge responsibility for the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Curriculum and teaching
All students, regardless of ability, have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Through the Trust model for GREAT teaching, all teachers work collaboratively to ensure every minute of every lesson is focused on students making exceptional progress.

Together we’re better
All members of the Trust community understand that working together makes us stronger. Meaningful collaboration improves all aspects of our work and ultimately leads to a better quality of education for all students. All staff members freely share their time and knowledge to help one another.



Studio West is a studio school. It opened in September 2014. Much of the learning at the school is based on active collaboration between the school and over 220 business partners, who provide contexts in which pupils can develop and apply a range of skills, including teamwork, critical thinking and broader life skills.
Studio West is a high performing studio school with a curriculum designed to ensure that students have an academic grounding with the knowledge and skills to succeed in work and life. The progress 8 score shows that it is an improving school. At its first inspection by Ofsted in 2019, it was judged to be good.

Kenton School is a large secondary school with a thriving 6th Form judged to be good by Ofsted in 2019. Provision for 11-16-year-olds was judged to be requiring improvement and this has been the focus of improvement work for governors and trustees in the school. In September 2022, Ofsted reported that ‘Much has improved in Kenton School. Shrewd investment by the trust has increased leadership capacity. Leaders are ambitious for pupils. They want pupils to be aspirational and achieve well. This vision is beginning to be realised.’